To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I purchased our brand new home in the spring of 2010. Tom was by our neighbours home inspecting so we asked him to please take a look at our place. Thankfully we did! He found a defect in the finishing of our doors, frames and windows that if left unfixed could have caused us some problems down the road. With 2x4 Home Inspection Services report, we were able to contact the builder and have the problems repaired at no cost to us.


Tom Bussey – 2x4 Home Inspection Services

Hi Tom. I forwarded your contact information to my sister and told her about the electrical problem you found when inspecting that home we were so close to bidding on. By the way – thank you for that! You're right – with all of the 'do it yourselfers' out there, there's no telling what is behind those walls! She'll be contacting you directly in the next couple of days.


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