Preparing for a home inspection service

Please make sure any pets will not obstruct the home inspection process... nor will the process inconvenience your pet.

Provide access to all areas to be inspected (heating system, air conditioning system, electrical panels, water shut off, etc. as well as entrance to the attic or sub floor).

Provide 2x4 Home Inspection Services with keys to the home and all buildings on the property including inside door keys as well – or please ensure that all entrances to all doors and buildings are left open.

If you have any receipts or warranty information for appliances or system items, please provide them.

If you have any receipts or information on upgrades or renovations, please provide them.

Please make sure your windows are in proper working order.

Please make sure that your home is safe for inspecting – stairs are clear and can be negotiated, all lights are operational, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, handrails are secure, areas around doors are clear, easy access to the furnace/air conditioning/utility room, etc.

2x4 HOME INSPECTION SERVICES     phone: (416) 262-6630 (GTA) or for Muskoka Region (705) 687-6869     fax: 416-287-2914     email:
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